Demonstration Day

The T.E.E.N.S. Project sponsored a Demonstration Day
of the behind the wheel techniques and research methods. The program was presented on October 24th, 1996 to 115 attendees in two sessions.

Area One consisted of One-on-One instruction
and on-road demonstrations of Anti-lock Braking.

Drivers were instructed on the operations of Anti-lock Braking systems.
Drivers were instructed to hit the brakes hard and hit them now when passing a set of traffic cones located a set distance from where the instructors wanted the cars to come to a stop.

Instructors observed the drivers as they approached the stopping area providing feedback on how the brakes operated and how the driver's reacted to the braking maneuver. Surprisingly, most drivers (even experienced law enforcement officers) were not aware of the capabilities and limitations of anti-lock brakes.

Area Two consisted of a road course with a quick lane change maneuver and a timed cornering exercise.

Drivers passed through a set of cones and were required to make a quick lane change.  Simulating the reactions necessary if something or someone were to suddenly jump in front of your vehicle.

Drivers were then instructed on a cornering
exercise, to increase their ability to handle their car in difficult conditions.  The dynamics of the car were explained and the course provided feedback on the forces inherent in driving and cornering.



The most important part of this driving course was the one-on-one instruction on what was happening to the driver and their vehicle
as they participated in the course.



Area Three was an advanced driving simulator
provided by the Battelle Corporation.
This demonstrated state of the art simulation technology and provided an example of how simulation could be used for research study validation or measures of effectiveness.

The Battelle Real Drive Simulator

Our thanks to the following sponsors:
North Memorial Health Care & North Memorial Community Foundation,

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the Minnesota Department of Public Safety, the Battelle Memorial Institute,

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PDI - Performance Driving Incorporated,

Lupient Enterprises
Saturn of Brooklyn Park
(Rick Lupient),
for usage of several Saturn Automobiles
for the driving course.

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