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Chop Block Party 4 - CBP4
August 6th, 7th, & 8th, 1999
Arlington Heights, IL. (Chicago)
Write The Date Down, Right Now!

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This year the Chop Block Party will again
be held in Arlington Heights, Illinois.
It will be held at the Holiday Inn "HOLIDOME"
We are planning a more lavish Saturday Night affair!
The Holidome will even sponsor events for the kids!

Any of you Chicago-ites who want to help should
call Rob LaVeau and offer some assistance!
847 - 253 – 4471
You have no excuses, put it on your calendar
and let's remember what Lambda Chi was about ..,


Here are some of the specifics on Chop Block Party Four

We have a new Hotel –
The Holiday Inn Rolling Meadows
3405 Algonquin Road
Rolling Meadows, IL. 60008
(847) 259-5000 or 1-800-HOLIDAY

Reservations must be made by JULY 6th, 1999
Ask for reservations and tell them your are part of
a block of rooms reserved for Lambda Chi Alpha

This is a Holidome Facility

Two Indoor Pools
Two Whirlpools
Billiards, Ping-Pong, Putting Green, Shuffle Board, Volleyball, etc..,
Children’s play area
Snack Bar and Lounge!
Full Restaurant
Outdoor Pool and Tennis
Complimentary Transportation to/from O’HARE

Cost will be $89.00 a night –
slightly higher but worth it!
Rooms are under Lambda Chi Alpha

The Holiday Inn is within walking distance to the Stadium Club
where the Friday Night Party will be held!
The hotel will provide activities for children in the Holidome
play area for kids while the Saturday dinner is being held!


A Note From Organizer : Rob LaVeau


Dear Brotherhood,
The solid turnout for CBP3 has rekindled the spirit of 702 Mound Street.
Plans are completed for Chop Block Party Four,
and some changes have been made, to hopefully improve the weekend!

Most Notably,
the change to a different hotel, The Holiday Inn "Holidome"
and improvement of the Saturday Night Informal to be a true sit-down dinner

Here is the line up for the weekend,
most venues are the same because they worked well last year.
But before we unveil the weekend events,
I must list the final damage assessment from CBP3.

  • Two Tables - Stadium Club and Pizza (Thanks Chad)
  • One 1996 Chevy Corvette (lost Friday until 10:30 A.M. Saturday)
  • One 35mm Camera
  • One Floral Vase - Radisson Party Room
  • One Table - Radisson Party Room (Thanks Again Chad)
  • Millions of brain cells
  • Room #211 - Radisson of Arlington Heights -  I don't think that room can ever be restored.
    Man, the stench Sunday morning from that room was something!

REMEMBER - Return your cards early -
Numbers are critical to planning!


Friday August 6th, 1999

For really early arrivals:

We have a 22 ticket block
It starts at 12:05 that day.
Not The 2:20 Start Time Printed On Your Ticket!
All Tickets have been distributed
If you did not get yours - Contact Max!

Early Bird Party or the Friday Night Beer Bash

Stadium Club & Pizza
Walking distance from the Holidome
7:00 P.M. until …………….?
This year the party will be less structured
to accommodate late arriving guests.
In other words -
You can order whatever you want off of the menus,
order drinks as you see fit, and pay as you go!
The same place and same area of the Stadium Club are reserved
(hopefully with some new tables),
No special arrangements have been set up with the bar!
But anyone can buy a round of Pitchers!



Fourth Annual Hang-Over Golf Outing

7:00 A.M. - 10:00 A.M.
Tee times will be reserved at a local course
a few days prior to CBP4 depending upon responses!
Tee times will be given out at the Friday Night Party

Chop Block Party Four Picnic

11:00 A.M. until 5:00 P.M.
Busse Forest North - Grove #3
This is is a different part of Busse Woods than last year!
(Like anyone probably remembers how they got there)
Last year we were in the South Grove - NOT THIS YEAR!
We are in the NORTH GROVE.... 
This means a right hand turn off of Higgins if you are going west!  
Not the first left hand turn, that was last year.  Check your Map!
Rob will put a sign up to assist us, he said it can be hard to see.
Featuring Beer, Brats, Burgers, Tons of Food & Bullshit!
For the Kids we will have Games, Activities, and a Clown!
(Not You Higley!)

Third Annual Lambda Chi Alpha
White Rose Informal

We would like to stress IN-formal as some brothers were way overdressed,
however, some of the clam were Very Hot!
So dress, as you want to dress - this is a time for remembrance!
- We have reserved the party room at the Holidome
from 5:00 P.M. - Midnight.
- We will have a sit-down Buffet Dinner cost $25.00/person.
- There will be a Cash Bar.
- There will be House Meeting!
- The hotel is scheduling activities for the kids in the Holidome Area
during the dinner - we just need to coordinate it with the hotel!
That's Right! The hotel will watch the kids!
The new improved Multimedia Presentation by Max Burrus
Lambda Chi Alpha - The House Lives!



Whomever's Left Brunch

11:00 A.M.
Same place as last year - Dumas Walker's Grill & Pub!
Final chance to reminisce and talk about the weekend!
Come see who looks terrible!
Watch Pete Sturmfels CRY as beer is forced on him at Breakfast
Jim Rossow actually made it to the brunch last year!
Might be your only chance to actually see him live in 1999!

Yours in ZAX,
Rob LaVeau


You Should Have All Ready Returned Your Cards!
I spent twenty cents each and self addressed these cards
all you had to do was check the boxes and drop them in the mail!

Well.., Just in case you can still register On-line here.

Square.gif (2272 bytes)  Click here to go to the On-line Registration Form

Remember it is okay to only come to one event!
Just the Friday Night Party or just the Saturday Picnic
A lot of Chops only made it to one event last year but the made it!
That was the one event that they had the chance to see old friends,
exchange new numbers and addresses and remember what
Lambda Chi Alpha at Valpo was like!
Join us for whatever you can, JUST join us!

We want you to participate and have fun!
If you have any ideas or suggestions,
if you have any thing you want to see in the Signal,
call Max or Rob any time!

If you know of any addresses of your Chop classmates,
or e-mail addresses that we don’t have, or if someone has moved..,
Send it to Max Burrus


House Meeting Notes From CBP3

  Best Remembrance / Best Story

  1.   Verberg as the Pope at Halloween.
  2.   Jeff Goetsch losing his glasses while heaving.
  3.   Rob LaVeau and the Float!

  Brother(s) of the Weekend

  1.   Rob LaVeau’s Mom for fixing tons of food!
  2.   Pete Volk* and Paul Sloup for traveling from North Carolina.
      The Kjoller’s from New York.  "Animal" from Pennsylvania.  
      All other long distance travelers!
  3.   Room 211 for hosting the after dinner party!
    *Pete Volk gets special honors for getting a large
    turn-out from his generation / years at the house!

  Best Quote of the Weekend

  1.    "How do you meet the Bitches?" Chad Howard
       Wondering how things are done at an Alcohol-Free Valpo.
  2.    "Valpo could’t even hatch a creature like Rob LaVeau Nowadays"
       Pete Sturmfels Reflecting on the changes at Valpo.
  3.    "Slap the thighs and ride the wave" Chuck Dietz & Pete Volk
       On certain activities with gender opposites of increased density.


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